10 artistic and historic cities around the world you should visit

In our lifetime, we tend to attempt to find ourselves by traveling, and exploring new places, why artistic cities? Because they provide combination between architecture, museums, nature and art.  Here’s some historic and inspiring cities you need to visit where you will have a nice view and unforgettable travel.

Paris, France :

        Paris is thought as destination for several writers, artists in the old times because they found their selves during this town, where is art, peace and inspiration, this is often what makes this city such a remarkable place to visit.

       The first place you need to visit in Paris is The Eiffel Tower such an iconic monument, its characterized by it complicated design, and a height of 300 meters, you’ll be able to reach the top of the tower using elevators where you can enjoy a pleasant view of the city.

         The Louvre Museum is one of the simplest and largest museums within the world, it contains quite thirty thousand objects, and one of well-known paintings in this museum is Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci.

Venice, Italy:

        Venice, the city on the water, how fascinating, Venice is extremely romantic and unique. There is no roads during this town, at the Grand Canal you will see breathless view: lovely buildings, Water taxis.

         What makes Venice more special is here unique architectural style, the Venetian gothic architecture. The gothic design is used to build church in Venice, you can imagine how aesthetic it would be.

Vienna, Austria:

Vienna, Europe’s cultural capital, is a metropolis with a unique charm. This town lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, an abundance of baroque buildings. If you’re looking for an inspiration place Vienna is the right place for you, and Vienna is a home of music and art.

Prague, Czech Republic:

          Prague a small and magical city that seems to have been built as a set to an especially romantic Hollywood fairytale every street and alley hides stories and secrets dating back to medieval times. 

        you can enjoy the local street performances also in the square is the famous church of our lady before team one of the city’s iconic symbols an impressive gothic church whose towers stand 80 meters tall.

Rome, Italy:

     Rome, such a gorgeous city, town of fascinating gothic architecture, it contains the widest church within the world. 

     What makes Rome distinctive is her magnificent sites as the forum, The Vatican museums where we discover nice masterpieces of all the time, Public square: Piazza Navon,, and we will not forget the iconic landmark The Coliseum.

Istanbul, turkey:

      Istanbul is capital of Ottoman Empire, Such iconic city, urban center, the city has a rich history and also it’s a city for culture food and adventure.

      The Blue mosque characterized by constructed during the 17th century by Ottoman Sultan Ahmet the first it is the most important mosque of Istanbul.

     The Grand Bazaar: home to several forms of merchandise starting from foods like baklava Turkish, light nuts, dates, spices, kebabs.

St. Petersburg, Russia :

            St. Petersburg is a uniquely beautiful enchanting city, and it’s a capital of culture as well, this historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in this one city you’ll find varied shining examples of neoclassical and Baroque architecture as well as buildings within the Stalinist trendy and modern gothic styles.

Cape town, South Africa:

     Cape Town sits on South Africa, where the waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans converge, and spectacular mountains tumble towards the sea.

This city is most breathtaking setting on earth, Cape Town had endured some of history’s most turbulent waters, and set course to an optimistic future.

     What makes the place very beautiful and aesthetic is her magnificent nature.

Marrakesh, Morocco:

      Marrakesh has a very rich history, the city is very old, and what makes her unique the mixture between ancient building and new ones.

         Jemaa el-fna a notable place in medina, wherever you will be able to drink fruit juice with very cheap price, and eat tasty food, see monkeys dancing, it’s an area where you will see unusual spectacles.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

              The capital of The Netherlands, a city filled with artistic and historic sites. The city’s characterized by her style of architecture buildings and church. Amsterdam has her own charm, you should visit it to understand all this.

         Amsterdam not only historical town however amusing and open town, it’s a destination for weed smokers because of their quality product, And yes it’s legal to smoke weed in Amsterdam.  

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